A Look at This Week’s Releases

April 24, 2009

Here’s what’s on at the Cineworld in Sheffield this coming week with a brief opinion next to films I’ve seen and a question mark next to those I haven’t but plan to. I’ll update the info as I see them.

17 Again – Though I hear nothing but hostility towards Zach Effron from heterosexual males, I think that if you’re willing to accept that this is harmless fun and just enjoy the silliness then there’s no harm done. A good date movie though not funny enough to warrant repeat viewing.

Crank: High Voltage – This film is exhausting to watch but it’s a cornucopia of non stop violent action and constant female nudity, and every few minutes it gets a laugh or two out of this formula.

Dragonball: Evolution – This is a terrible and thankfully short film that won’t be enjoyed by anyone, even massive fans of the cartoon original. It knows that it’s silly but it doesn’t have a high enough budget or a good enough script to make something out of the confusing source material.

FAQ About Time Travel – ?

Fast and Furious – The fourth film in a series that has never had a good sequel naming system in place, this is the best one since the original but won’t have the same impact on the small screen, so see it now. The plot is gibberish (it’s kind of a prequel to Tokyo Drift) but it’s loud and some of the action is pretty decent.

50 Dead Men Walking – ?

I Love You, Man – A couple of decent gags make this otherwise copy and paste Appatow style comedy slightly better than the average Hollywood rom-com, but that isn’t saying much.

In The Loop – Brilliant political satire from Armando Iannucci (check out The Thick Of It, Time Trumpet and The Day Today for more of his work). Dealing with an impending war in the Middle East from both side of the Atlantic Ocean, it’s got some of the best swearing you’ll hear all year. A must-see.

Knowing -A slight improvement on the dire Day the Earth Stood Still, this is still a rubbish Nick Cage vehicle with a mixed religious message that made me uneasy as it seemed to suggest that all non-believers were alcoholics and bad parents.

Let the Right One In – Brilliant foreign pseudo-horror film (see full review in earlier post)

Monsters vs. Aliens 3D – Fun family adventure with a nice cameo from Stephen Colbert

Shifty – ?

State of Play – Competent political thriller from the director of The Last King of Scotland

The Damned United – Football comedy drama that has a lot to offer non fans (like myself). Michael Sheen is great.


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