Classic Games Revisited: Putty

May 5, 2009

Here’s another Amiga classic that came with the Amiga 600 I got years ago in the early 90s. It was re-released as Super Putty on the Super NES a couple of years after its Amiga release but was pretty much the same game. There’s even a nice little fan site online that you can check out if you fancy.

So why is it a classic? Well, obviously the only reason its a classic for me is because of the nostalgic value, which is the reason that most games are considered classics, particularly as ‘classics’ don’t necessarily have to be good. Anyway, Putty does have some interesting game play mechanics. You can jump and bounce, stretch up, down or sideways to reach platforms, absorb enemies and friends by flattening yourself against the floor and expand yourself until you explode, killing everything on screen. There was some kind of plot, and Putty even had an arch-nemesis, but none of that mattered. It comes from the days when literally anything could be an enemy in a computer game, there were no boundaries to imagination and though these games were sort of aimed at kids they were far too hard. I don’t remember getting past the 3rd or 4th level, but being a kid at the time I was happy to play it again and again from the start. Repetition=kid’s favourite.

To get an idea of what went on, check out this video of Putty running on an AMIGA CD32!!! What a machine.


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