Star Trek

May 9, 2009

I saw the new Star Trek movie a couple of days ago and I was pleasantly surprised by how entertaining the whole package was. I’m not a fan of the Star Trek universe myself so I had virtually no expectations, though there were moments in the film that you knew were going to be significant for fans more than newcomers like myself. The plot, which involves time travel and resultant paradoxes and alternate realities was pleasantly silly and provoked debate amongst my friends once the film was over and we were in the pub, but all of this was a part of the experience. It was also nice to see a young Kirk portrayed as a bit of a ‘jock douchebag’ as an American might put it, and even more impressive that his abrasive personality which upset so many characters in the film actually endeared him more to the audience. Spock was also well portrayed, though other races were underrepresented in the film, a fact which worked to its advantage as it didn’t confuse the uninitiated viewer with too much information. Though some of the much-loved characters from the series lacked depth (perhaps their roles would be automatically filled out in the mind of a Trekie) there wasn’t a weak piece of acting, and many roles were performed with tongue firmly in cheek (Karl Urban and Simon Pegg were particular protagonists of this style).

Though the direction on a whole was slightly disjointed and lacked cohesion in terms of style, sometimes going for the popular steadicam documentary style, other times feeling like a more traditional Hollywood movie, the film held together well. Action was handled with typical flare, and it was good to learn that the only way to escape from a black hole is to set off a huge nuclear explosion. There are a lot of explosions in this movie, in case you were in and doubt. I, like many other critics, recommend this film highly, and it’s unlikely to be bettered by another Blockbuster this summer. Set your phasers to ‘enjoy’. *looks in mirror and calls self a twat*


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