Classic Games Revisited: Wings

May 23, 2009

I may as well refer to this series as classic Amiga games I played as a kid, this was a game that my dad got from a friend at work long before you could use p2p for all of your game sharing needs. It was also the first flight simulator that I played, and combining an involving narrative with brilliant sound effects gave it more atmosphere than it’s contemporaries. Setting you up as a First World War flying ace and taking in three gameplay styles it’s graphics really shone out from other Amiga titles, and by the standards of 1990 it’s really rather good. It also had some of the most heart-breaking death screens I can think of, featuring a group of men carrying your coffin to a grave yard with the Funeral March playing over the top. This was doubly frustrating as you had to wait for the sequence to load from the disc. The game was actually full of brilliant video clips, a statement which I can support with the following two videos. First the intro…

…and some gameplay…

I can’t find the death screen anywhere which is a pity, and I also can’t find video of the strafing sections which took a very odd POV, not seen in many games. The camera was fixed above and to the left of the plane, which you controlled like you might in a traditional overhead shooter, and you had to shoot German supply trucks and troops whilst avoiding Red Cross lorries. All very good fun, and further inspiration for me to a)Get the old Amiga down from the loft when I return home over the summer or b)Find an emulator online for a bit of Amiga action. Apparently there’s even been a Gameboy Advance port of the original games which keeps the gameplay in tact and adds missions playable from a German perspective.
On a war-related note, check out Iron Sky for some insanely brilliant potential on the big screen.


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