The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition

June 2, 2009

I frequently check out Ron Gilbert’s blog, Grumpy Gamer so I’m surprised that this massive news hasn’t come to me before today. Mr Gilbert was one of the creators of the original Monkey Island game back in 1990 and it is still one of my favourite games of all time (though I prefer the sequel). So what is the big news? Well, this summer Lucasarts are releasing a remake of the original on PC and Xbox Live with the idea that it will introduce a whole new generation to adventure gaming. What this means for old fans is that there’s little or no new content on offer, just a graphical updating (which I’m not convinced by) and the addition of recorded dialogue by the voice actors who worked on Curse of Monkey Island back in 1997. In fact, if you watch the video below you’ll see that the developers have produced the new game to run over the top of the old game, so during gameplay you can switch back and forth between the new and old styles.

In other Monkey Island news, Telltale Games are producing 5 episodic additions to the series for release from July. Check out more info here. They’re the team behind the Sam & Max episodic games which I’ve not played but have got mixed reviews. I’m not sure whether to be excited or saddened by this news, though I’m pretty sure already that I’ll pick up The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition when it comes out. And I believe that the Tales of Monkey Island episodic games will be available on the Wii as WiiWare, as well as via Steam for PC, which is nice. Though I hope the content isn’t too molly coddled to ingratiate the casual gaming market that the Wii targets.

P.S. Check out Ron’s blog as the latest post is interesting for fans of Monkey Island.

P.P.S. I have a Wii and I endorse it fully. Sort of.


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