Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

July 3, 2009

That’s right. Ice Age 3. The first one I enjoyed, the second one was worse but fine for kids, and now we have the third one. This one’s in 3D. I won’t go into too much depth as it’s a kids movie and not really going to be watched by people of my age, but I saw it so I should probably journalise it.

Though it’s in 3D it never really takes advantage of the technology. There’s real depth to the images but nothing ever really ‘comes out at you’. Though to be fair most other 3D movies I’ve seen so far have used it so self-consciously that it’s felt forced. For the most part you can ignore the main story, they’ve got to go on another adventure blah blah, and you’ll spend your time waiting for the next visual or aural gag, usually executed by Scratt and his new rat-thing partner Scratte (pronounced, hilariously, Scrat-ay). The animators really have fun with all of the traditional cartoonish impossibilities of movement and action that some of the characters perform, but the script and plot are completely forgettable.

Go to see crisp visuals, occasionally inspired animation in a Tom and Jerry style, and ignore everything else. Or save your money on the 3D surcharge and see it in 2D. Or wait for Up. Up will be awesome.


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