Land of the Lost and The Taking of Pelham 123

August 5, 2009

Right, this will be a brief one because I wasn’t particularly enthused by either of these. I did, however, go to see them.

Land of the Lost made me sleepy. There are a couple of little giggle worthy gags, but it manages to feel high budget and low budget at the same time, harking back to its 70s TV routes, and all in all it’s probably only going to appeal to young teenagers.

The Taking of Pelham 123 is shot like the Crank movies, but without any sense of irony. For those of you who haven’t seen Crank, that means a constantly moving camera, quick cutting, satellite photos denoting a change of setting and a constant barrage of noise from every conceivable and inconceivable source. What results is a confirmation of what we already know: Denzel Washington is a likeable actor in any role, John Travolta has one mode for playing the bad guy (think Face/Off) and John Turturro is getting more exposure in mainstream Hollywood to the detriment to his talents. Is it fun? Yes, to a certain extent it is, though it does drag a bit and there aren’t as many action set pieces as you might like. Sometimes the script is wince inducing, but that is a solid staple of blockbusters so shouldn’t come as a surprise. It’s better than Land of the Lost, anyway. Later this week I’ll let you know what G.I. Joe has to offer.


2 Responses to “Land of the Lost and The Taking of Pelham 123”

  1. theliontamer Says:

    Saw both these films this weekend…I have to disagree about Land of the Lost – it was an exercise in brilliant ridiculousness.

  2. fungalporpoise Says:

    Ridiculous, yes, brilliant…well, I didn’t enjoy it too much, but Peter Bradshaw of the Guardian newspaper would agree with you, and he thought The Hangover was a lot funnier than I did too. It’ll be my jaded, adult perspective getting in the way of me having fun, no doubt 🙂

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