I am a writing man. I’m good at Twitter. I also do bits and pieces for various sites/magazines. I’m the Film Editor over at Who’s Jack Online which is where you can find most of my articles. I use this blog for posting a few things, like my self-aware, surreal fan fiction. If you want to give me gold, stocks or bits of fluff for some words, email josephjwest@gmail.com


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Cello Says:

    You can get a degree in international cinema?? Have I been living under a rock?! Thats awesome! I might have to look into the degree program. I have an AA in art 😛 That didn’t get me very far lol. Nice blog you have here!

    • fungalporpoise Says:

      You can indeed get a degree in International Cinema! Studying film is big here in the UK and it’s really rewarding and empowering when it comes to talking about the movies you love. So yes, definitely something you should look into if you’ve got the passion, which you clearly do. Nice blog right back at you too, sir 🙂 I also had a quick look at the eye catching kids book you wrote. Good work, Karate animals should be for all ages.

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